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Visual Monte Carlo


Two softwares, Visual Monte Carlo "in vivo" and "dose calculation" can be downloaded for free from this site.

VMC "in vivo" is used to calibrate Whole Body Counter systems. VMC "dose calculation" is used to calculate doses from point, ground or cloud sources. VMC "dose calculation" is useful for estimating doses in emergency situations, or after accidents.

For VMC in-vivo, where special geometries or detectors are required:

  • BOMABs or the male voxel phantom sitting down;
  • Female voxel phantoms;
  • Child voxel phantoms;
  • Activity in a number of tissues at the same time, for example, lung, bone, liver and soft tissues, as in the figure on the lower right;
  • Rectangular quadrilateral detectors of NaI or plastic scintillators;
  • Collimated shielding of the detectors;

Please contact me at john@ird.gov.br



Image 1
Counting Am-241 in cranium

Image 2
Counting Ba-133 in the lung

Am-241 in four tissues