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EURADOS 2007 knee intercomparison

The 2007 EURADOS-CONRAD intercomparison reported in the paper “Monte Carlo modelling of Germanium detectors for the measurement of low energy photons in internal dosimetry: Results of an international comparison” was part of the EURADOS project on the assessment of uncertainties in computational dosimetry.

The intercomparison consisted of calculating photon energy fluences and the spectra which would be detected with two Ge detectors placed above the University of Cincinnati knee phantom containing 241Am. The calculated spectra from each of the two detectors were then summed and compared with experimental results. VMC in-vivo is participant "n".

Knee spectrum for Am-241 as calculated by VMC in-vivo

Figure 1. Spectrum obtained by VMC in-vivo in comparison with the experimental spectrum.

Knee phantom and VMC in-vivo graphics for Am-241

Figure 2. The knee phantom with two detectors and the VMC in-vivo graphics of the counting of 241Am in the knee and one Ge detector above the knee.


Knee intercomparison results

Figure 3. The results obtained by VMC in-vivo in comparison with the other participants.

The VMC in-vivo results for the energy fluence spectrum calculations at four positions around the knee phantom were also in very good agreement with the reference calculations.