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EURADOS 2010 lung intercomparison

The results of the intercomparison were reported in the paper "Monte Carlo modelling for the in vivo lung monitoring of enriched uranium: Results of an international comparison" The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) lung phantom was simulated with and without a plastic over-layer and different activities of enriched uranium in both lungs. Four detector positions were used, as shown in Figure 1. VMC in-vivo was participant "I".


EURADOS lung intercomparison graphics

Figure 1. (Left) The LLNL phantom and four Ge detectors for the detection of uranium isotopes in the lung and (right) the VMC in-vivo graphics for the setup.

EURADOS lung intercomparison spectrum results

Figure 2. Comparison of the experimental and simulated (VMC in-vivo) spectra of enriched uranium being counted in the LLNL lung phantom.