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Visual Monte Carlo

Visual Monte Carlo (VMC) performs Monte Carlo calculations representing the transport of photons through voxel phantoms, radiation detectors and geometric objects.

• The software “VMC dose calculation" or VMC DC is used to calculate doses to ICRP reference male and female phantoms from point, ground or cloud sources. It is useful for estimating doses in emergency situations or after accidents when the source was in contact with the patient. Doses from X-ray generators and alpha particle transport through voxel or geometrical phantoms has also been implemented.

• The software “VMC in-vivo" is used to calibrate whole body counter systems.

“VMC dose calculation” and “VMC in-vivo" can be downloaded for free from this site. Click on the buttons on the left for more information on the softwares.

For additional geometries such as the ICRP child and adolescent voxel phantoms, please contact me at johngahunt@gmail.com



Am in skull
Counting 241Am in cranium with Ge detector. Enlarge

Dose calculation for fluoroscopy.

4 tissues 241Am in four tissues at 5 different times. 5 days (top) 360 days (bottom). Enlarge