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VMC dose calculation, ICRP 110 and 116

Another way of validating VMC DC is by comparing the calculations with results provided by other Monte Carlo programs. Figure 1 shows a graph taken from ICRP 110 – "Adult reference computational phantoms" showing the absorbed dose per air kerma (Gy/Gy) for an AP irradiation by photons for the lung. GEANT4 and the averaged ICRP 110 Monte Carlo calculations are shown and VMC DC results are superimposed. As VMC DC does not include pair production photon interactions, the high energy cut-off is at 3 MeV.

EURADOS lung intercomparison graphics

Figure 1. Comparison of GEANT4, ICRP 110 Monte Carlo program averages and VMC DC results.

AP male phantom irradiation

Figure 2. Screenshot of VMC DC showing AP irradiation of male phantom with 30 keV photons. The blue dots are Compton interactions and the yellow dots are photoelectric interactions.