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VMC dose calculation and TLDs

VMC dose calculation was validated in 2002 using the Alderson phantom and TLDs. The Alderson phantom containing TLDs was irradiated with a 137Cs source, see Figure 1 and paper. The voxel phantom used was the Yale - Zubal phantom.

EURADOS lung intercomparison graphics

Figure 1. VMC DC slice of the Yale phantom showing location of TLDs (black squares - left) and the Alderson phantom for comparison (right).

The dose to the TLD regions was calculated using VMC DC and the results compared with the measured values, see Figure 2 for the placing of TLDs in the Alderson phantom.

Alderson phantom detail

Figure 2. Placing a rod TLD inside a slice of the Alderson phantom.

The comparison between VMC DC calculated results and the TLD measurements is shown in Figure 3. The set of results are mainly 10 % of each other, remembering that the Yale and Alderson phantoms are similar but not identical in size and format. For example, the Alderson is much thinner.

VMC and TLD results comparison

Figure 3. VMC DC calculation and TLD measurement comparison for the 137Cs exposure.