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VMC dose calculation


With VMC dose calculation it is possible to simulate a point source of, for example, Depleted Uranium, inside the body, which would simulate a wound with radioactive material. Point sources of, for example, fission products, can also be placed on the skin surface so as to simulate the gamma irradiation of the body due an external “hot spot”.

VMC dose calculation is most useful for the cases when a highly active source of, say, Ir-192 was placed in contact with the skin for a length of time. This case happens during accidents involving lost industrial radiography sources. With the source so close to the body, the simple but reliable “inverse square law” dose calculation cannot be used. VMC dose calculation allows the user to “zoom in” to the area nearest the source so as to map out the iso-doses in the skin and muscle – the most effected tissues for this type of accident. The Figure below shows the graphics of this calculation.

If there is a need to simulate unusual geometries or moving sources, please enter into contact at the following e-mail: john.hunt@chello.at . The Figure below represents the graphics of the dose calculation of a 20 keV source put in the shirt pocket.